Our Mission

Soccer is more than a sport, it's our passion.  We have transformed that passion into a business that is dedicated in assisting you, the athlete, and in your professional soccer recruiting.  

Pursue Sports is always seeking new talent and athletes that have a passion for playing. Pursue Sports is passionate about helping and providing athletes with the tools they need to be successful in their soccer/football career. Our company will expand and include a variety of sports as the years go on. We are excited to work with you!

Why does Pursue Sports want to help?

Pursue Sports wants to make the recruitment process easier for both the athletes and scouts. Pursue sports believes it's important as an athlete to have an online profile that could be viewed by scouts worldwide. With technology evolving, it gives athletes the resources to compete worldwide. This gives athletes a chance to be discovered by clubs and universities in different counties. This is one of the many reasons why Pursue Sports came to be.

Pursue Sports knows the costly expenses of being an athlete; we plan to change the system. The traditional way of getting known is getting your name passed on from coach to coach. Pursue Sports wants to help you create a profile and market yourself. Through the abundance of connections we have made and recourse we have; marketing yourself will be as easy as 1-2-3. 

How does Pursue Sport do it?

We love what we do and how we do it. Our process is simple: we make the connection, you create the profile and you schedule your evaluation and the connection begins. More detail on how we make our connections: as you know every relationship begins with trust and honest. Three years ago, our CEO Mike Murad began his network of connections. Fast forward, today, Pursue Sports is using those connections and is expanding its next work day by day. Our passion is networking and getting the word out there, that what we are the best at what we do. As an athlete, it is your job to be the best possible by working hard and staying focused. It is by working together that we will be able to make great things happen.

o   Here is a three-step process that will allow us to move forward with your help:

  • Step One: It starts with YOU! In order for us to help you, we need you to help yourself. You can do this by creating a profile and following the necessary steps for your success.  
  • Step Two: This is where WE come in! The connections we have acquired will come in use to help present you and market you as an athlete to the level you wish to pursue.
  • Step Three: The CONNECTION. As the final step, this is where the connection is made in which we will still be available to help you expand your network to your personal desire.  It is through this final step that all athletes will finally be connected through a large network to scouts and coaches around the world.  As a result, the recruitment process may begin. 

What does Pursue Sport do?

Pursue Sports is a sports management company aimed at providing services to athletes and helping them to attain the next level in which they control the outcome. The next level could be going professional or looking for a scholarship at a particular institution. Pursue Sports helps the athlete market themselves and put themselves out there to be recruited by a scout.

It starts with the athlete by creating a profile on the site. From there we recommend they schedule an evaluation, after which, the information gathered will be entered in the athlete profile. Furthermore, we ensure that the profile is kept up to date from athlete information to videos and personal statements.  This allows the scouts to get a good insight on the athlete and have all statistics on hand which ultimately, simplifies the recruiting process. 

  • As a company we are always moving forward and finding innovative ways of making new connections in different parts of the world. We are key in trying to keep scouts/coaches informed on our future goals for the company. We make sure that when a scout is seeking an athlete that all possible athletes are available at their fingertips. 
  • From a business perspective, we are a company that believes everything is accessible because of the technology we have available to us. Our connections to professional teams and institutions aren not limited because of where we are located. As new connections arise, we will be updating our media feed and letting everyone know we are moving forward.

From a technical standard, it is important for us to provide up to date information about our athletes to the scouts that are seeking them. We will be monitoring the site and will be constantly reviewing profiles. Also, we will be scheduling evaluations as they come in and having available time slots for athletes to choose from, if they decide to get evaluated.

Last but not least, Pursue Sports provides a neutral ground where athletes and scouts can be connected. Pursue Sports is here to help both the athlete and scout in the recruitment process.