What Have We Done?


  • Mike starts branching out to more teams threw his connections
  • Mike puts together a business plan to present to a shareholder in England
  • Mike’s grandma passes away which causes great impact on his life 


  • Mike becomes inspired again 
  • From this inspiration the name Pursue Sports comes to be
  • Mike has now expanded his connections into Europe and is developing Pursue Sports on a small scale
  • Mike sees the opportunity to turn this into a business 
  • Mike seeks guidance from local businesses development centre


  • Mike is accepted into a program call Centre for Enterprise and Law
  • Mike is introduced to his mentor Steve Hart (University of Windsor Head Coach)
  • Mike take courses to be certified under the Ontario Soccer Association
  • Pursue Sports creates its first Logo
  • Pursue Sports launches its website
  • Pursue Sports is running in three different countries 
  • Pursue Sports is featured in Biz X Magazine


  • Pursue Sports start working with universities in Canada and England 
  • Pursue Sports Sponsor OFSAA Soccer
  • Pursue Sports open office in Windsor Ontario 
  • Pursue Sports brings on a marketing team 
  • Pursue Sports now operates in 4 countries worldwide and is located in 8 cities
  • Pursue Sports starts working with Academies in England
  • Pursue Sports starts working with Academies in Spain
  • Pursue Sports is featured in the Windsor Star 
  • Pursue Sports is featured in Urbanite as "Pursue Sports is changing sport by scouting game!"