What came first Passion or Talent?

Love fútbol/ soccer 

What is passion?

The dictionary defines passion as:"strong and barely controllable emotion."

Any athlete will tell you the sport their passionate about made them want to become better! For most of us, our first passion experience raised from playing sports. As kids and teenagers, we all dreamed of be professionals and this came from our passion.

Now a better question to ask is where does passion come from? 

Survey shows 6 out of 10 people believe passion comes from within. Well every athlete is born with a talent that develop over the years. Now with that said, it's like the talent is spark and passion is the flame. As years go on our flame grows or burns out? feel free to email us/share on Facebook what you think? and let us know what happen to your flame? 

Growing up we all have a passion for futbol/soccer and the passion will always live with us! Some of us are lucky to turn our passion into career's in futbol. Pursue sports has help athletes take their passion for the sport to another level; where they are able to obtain scholarships and professional contracts. Contact us today and lets work on taking you to the next level!